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Boeing Tapped By Navy For P-8A Delivery | F-16 Sale To Turkey On Track | Poland Boosts Military With New Carriers

Defense Industry Daily - Mon, 03/04/2024 - 05:00
Americas Boeing won a $3.4 million deal for the procurement and delivery of 17 Lot 13 P-8A Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (14 for the government of Canada and three for the government of Germany), as well as associated non-recurring engineering. Work will be completed in March 2028. Foreign Military Sales customer funds in the amount of […]
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Sikorsky Plans New VTOL Systems | Nigeria Gets CN235-220 From Indonesia | Putin Agains Warns Of Risk Of Nuclear War

Defense Industry Daily - Fri, 03/01/2024 - 05:00
Americas Boeing won a $21.3 million firm-fixed-price contract modification for the F-15 Eagle Passive/Active Warning Survivability System. Work will be performed at Nashua, New Hampshire, and is expected to be completed by November 30, 2025. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is the contracting activity. Sikorsky has announced a […]
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USAF Completed Red Hawk Test | UNMAS Gets Donations For Humanitarian Mine Actions In Ethiopia | Germany Acquires US High Frequency Radios

Defense Industry Daily - Thu, 02/29/2024 - 05:00
Americas General Dynamics Land Systems won a $210.3 million contract for the purchase, warehousing, repair, issue, shipment, disposal, obsolescence management and configuration management of parts to support the Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Bids were solicited via the internet with one received. Work will be performed in Sterling Heights, Michigan, with an estimated completion date of […]
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CROWN project delivers a step towards a European Multifunction AESA System

EDA News - Wed, 02/28/2024 - 17:00

An active electronically scanned array (AESA) is a sophisticated antenna system known as a phased array. It utilises computer control to adjust the direction of its radio wave beam without physically repositioning the antenna and is commonly used in aerial platforms. Launched in July 2021, with funding from the European Commission under the Preparatory Action for Defence Research (PADR), the project European active electronically scanned array with Combined Radar, Electronic Warfare and Communications functions for military applications (CROWN) focuses on the innovative concept of a multifunctional radio frequency (RF) system, which aims at substantially enhancing future defence capabilities, with specific focus on AESA for manned and unmanned aerial platforms.

On 26-27 February, the eleven consortium members concluded 32-months of work on the CROWN project during the final meeting hosted by Indra. The final meeting focused on the main topics developed within the CROWN project and the results achieved: particularly CROWN demonstrated the different Building Blocks designed during the project and the performance of the demonstrator in a controlled anechoic chamber environment.


CROWN successfully reached its the objective to design, develop and test a compact, lightweight multi-function radiofrequency system prototype, by integrating radar, electronic warfare and communication in one single system, without any end-user restrictions. In addition, the project created a technological demonstrator showcasing the feasibility of the system and its potential to introduce a new enabling capability.

The CROWN project has yielded promising results, establishing a crucial foundation for presenting the CROWN concept. This project also determined necessary investments and outlined research activities essential for further developing a Technology Readiness Level 7 (TRL7) prototype demonstration in an operational environment. The project included, in particular, two connected activities focusing on R&D assessment on critical technologies for the development of future European multifunction radio frequency systems and R&T activities on system and component level. Follow-on activities aiming at producing an EU prototype by the end of 2027 are recommended, also exploiting the EDF framework.


CROWN brought together a consortium of eleven beneficiaries from seven EU countries, led by Indra (Spain): Thales (France), ONERA (France), Hensoldt (Germany), Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Techniquesv (Germany), SAAB AB (Sweden), FOI (Sweden), TNO (the Netherlands), Leonardo S.p.A (Italy), Elettronica S.p.A (Italy), and Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology (Lithuania). The project had a budget of approximately €10 million.



The CROWN project is part of the Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR) launched by the European Commission in 2017 to assess and demonstrate the added-value of EU supported defence research and technology (R&T). It paved the way for a proper European Defence Programme to come as part of the European Defence Fund (EDF), under the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027).

The PADR implementation is run by EDA following the mandate via a Delegation Agreement between the European Commission and EDA signed on 31 May 2017. By this agreement the Commission entrusts EDA with the management and implementation of the research projects launched within the PADR.  

Lockheed Tapped For F-35 Testing | R2S Started Construction On Tamir Manufacturing Facility | US Delivered Hercules To Philippines

Defense Industry Daily - Wed, 02/28/2024 - 05:00
Americas Triumph Gear won a $18.5 million deal for the repair of one item that is part of the V-22 pylon conversion actuator system. All work will be performed in Park City, Utah. Work is expected to be completed by April 2025. Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the contracting activity. […]
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GD Tapped For Virginia Sub Work | Germany Moves Eurofighters To Latvia | Slovenia Gets New Air Combat Training Module

Defense Industry Daily - Tue, 02/27/2024 - 05:00
Americas General Dynamics won a $151 million modification for long lead time material associated with the Virginia Class submarines SSN 814, SSN 815, SSN 816, and SSN 817. Work will be performed in Sunnyvale, California; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Spring Grove, Illinois; York, Pennsylvania; Annapolis, Maryland; Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Windsor Locks, Connecticut; Cleveland, Ohio; and other locations, and […]
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Call for contributions: Market Research on Innovative Unmanned Solutions for Military Logistics

EDA News - Mon, 02/26/2024 - 16:43

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has launched a call for contributions for market research on innovative unmanned solutions for military logistics. EDA actively engages in market research to discover innovative unmanned technologies for military logistics applications, collecting inputs from commercial entities about their innovative products and services.

The survey aims to identify and understand the market readiness regarding capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS) that can support military logistics. The platforms should be able to transport a payload of at least 5kg.

EDA intends to create a representative overview of available solutions, including general technical specifications and operational capabilities.

Participate in the survey by 15 March 2024 and contribute to shaping the future landscape of military logistics.

Canada And Czech Republic Explore Artillery Shells For Ukraine | Hungary Expands Gripen Fleet | South Korea Mass Produces 155mm Artillery Shell

Defense Industry Daily - Mon, 02/26/2024 - 05:00
Americas Bell Boeing won a $11.5 million modification, which adds scope to procure three shipsets of proprotor gearboxes in support of the Nacelle Improvements Step 2 requirement for CV-22 aircraft. Work will be performed in Amarillo, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; and Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, and is expected to be completed in January 2026. Naval Air […]
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Merlin Labs To Test Auto Tech On KC-135 | Turkey Gets Upgraded M60T Tanks | Indonesia Downsized Black Hawk Programme

Defense Industry Daily - Fri, 02/23/2024 - 05:00
Americas The US Air Force has tapped Merlin Labs to test autonomous flight technology for the KC-135 aerial refueling aircraft. The stepwise approach will begin with reducing crew workload and then proceeds to reduced crew operations, the Boston-based aviation technology firm explained. A reduced workload could help the crew avoid costly mistakes.  Autonomous uncrewed operations at […]
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Raytheon Tapped For AEGIS Modernization | Elbit Unveiled New Aircraft | Expansion OF RAN’s Surface Combatant Fleet

Defense Industry Daily - Thu, 02/22/2024 - 05:00
Americas Raytheon won a $38.2 million order for the procurement of AEGIS modernization kits for Navy guided-missile destroyers and allied nations. This contract combines purchases for the US. Navy; and the governments of Japan and Australia, under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program. Work is expected to be completed by February 2028. Naval Sea Systems […]
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Ecuador Won’t Send Weapons To Ukraine | Ghanan Air Force Makes Case For Super Tucano | Italian Leonardos Will Get Their Own Components

Defense Industry Daily - Wed, 02/21/2024 - 05:00
Americas Ecuador’s foreign minister said the country did not plan to send Soviet-era weapons to Ukraine after the president’s vow to do so sparked a spat with Moscow over banana and flower exports. “Ecuador will not send any war material to a country that is involved in an international armed conflict,” Foreign Minister Gabriela Sommerfeld told […]
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Super Tucano Counter-Insurgency Plane Makes Inroads in Africa

Defense Industry Daily - Wed, 02/21/2024 - 04:58
Super Tucano Embraer’s EMB-314 Super Tucano trainer and light attack turboprop continues to rack up global orders, solidifying its position as the globe’s pre-eminent manned counter-insurgency aircraft. The latest order set of about $180 million expands the plane’s footprint into 3 African states: Angola, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania. They join Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican […]
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US Air Force EA-37Bs to Receive Upgraded EW Systems | British Soldiers Fired Archer | Embraer And Mahindra Offer C-390 Millennium To India

Defense Industry Daily - Tue, 02/20/2024 - 05:00
Americas Lockheed Martin won a $8.1 million modification by the US Navy to exercise options for Combat System Ship Integration and Test on Littoral Combat Ships and Large Unmanned Surface Vessels. Work will be performed in Camden, New Jersey; Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Jacksonville, Florida; Pascagoula, Mississippi; Moorestown, New Jersey; San Diego, California; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and […]
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The JAS-39 Gripen: Sweden’s 4+ Generation Wild Card

Defense Industry Daily - Tue, 02/20/2024 - 04:58
South African JAS-39D (click to view full) As a neutral country with a long history of providing for its own defense against all comers, Sweden also has a long tradition of building excellent high-performance fighters with a distinctive look. From the long-serving Saab-35 Draken (“Dragon,” 1955-2005) to the Mach 2, canard-winged Saab-37 Viggen (“Thunderbolt,” 1971-2005), […]
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SpaceX Launches Six Hypersonic, Ballistic Tracking Space Sensors | AMRAAMs and SDB-IIs Sales Approved For Italy | Norinco Revealed New Howitzer

Defense Industry Daily - Mon, 02/19/2024 - 05:00
Americas SpaceX launched six US missile-detection satellites to low-Earth orbit on Wednesday. They include two Missile Defense Agency Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor (HBTSS) satellites and the final four Space Development Agency (SDA) Tranche 0 Tracking Layer satellites of the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture. Of the 27 Tranche 0 satellites in orbit, 19 perform data […]
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AMRAAM: Deploying & Developing America’s Medium-Range Air-Air Missile

Defense Industry Daily - Mon, 02/19/2024 - 04:58
AIM-120C from F-22A (click for test missile zoom) Raytheon’s AIM-120 Advanced, Medium-Range Air to Air Missile (AMRAAM) has become the world market leader for medium range air-to-air missiles, and is also beginning to make inroads within land-based defense systems. It was designed with the lessons of Vietnam in mind, and of local air combat exercises […]
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US Marines Test Unmanned Boat Prototype | MBDA Germany Exports The Enforcer | Japan Receives US Training On Tomahawk

Defense Industry Daily - Fri, 02/16/2024 - 05:00
Americas The US Marine Corps is set to test an unmanned boat prototype designed to covertly supply ground troops with missiles. The Autonomous Low-Profile Vessel (ALPV) has already been tested from surface vessels over the last year. However, it will be tested in an operational environment for the first time at Project Convergence Capstone 4 […]
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EDA holds fifth Defence in Space forum as EU prepares to act in space

EDA News - Thu, 02/15/2024 - 15:52

The European Defence Agency (EDA) brought together 19 European Union Member States and NATO, the European Commission and the EU Satellite Centre for a two-day meeting from 14 February to coordinate and streamline efforts, as the EU develops its space strategy for security and defence. The EU Military Staff and the European External Action Service were also present at EDA's headquarters in Brussels. 

The Defence in Space forum was the fifth and largest gathering since its inception in 2022. It discussed the new 2023 EU Capability Development Priorities in space and the tasks assigned to EDA in implementing the EU space strategy.

The  space strategy was proposed by the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and the European Commission in March 2023. EDA will focus on providing military requirements to the Commission, as well as developing space education and training for security and defence.

Some EU Member States already have strategies governing the way they work in space. For others an EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence might serve as an inspiration for stronger involvement in the domain. 

Observation, navigation, communication

In the search for collaborative opportunities in space for defence, EDA’s expertise plays a unique role as a bridge between space projects run by different initiatives, such as Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), the European Defence Fund (EDF) and the EU Space Programme.  

At the February forum, space planners discussed not just the implementation of tasks stemming from the proposed EU Space Strategy but also how to implement the 2023 Capability Development Priorities. They include space situational awareness, access to space, protection of space systems, space-based earth observation capabilities, positioning, navigation and timing, and satellite communication.  

The Defence in Space forum was launched within EDA in October 2022. It was an outcome of the EU’s defence review, CARD, which identified defence in space as a focus area in which collaboration was assessed to be most pressing, most needed, and most promising.   

EDA's wider role  

EDA supports its 27 Member States in improving their defence capabilities through European cooperation. Acting as an enabler and facilitator for Ministries of Defence willing to engage in collaborative capability projects, the Agency has become the hub for European defence cooperation with expertise and networks allowing it to the whole spectrum of defence capabilities.  
Member States use EDA as an intergovernmental expert platform where their collaborative projects are supported, facilitated, and implemented. For more details, please see here

BAE Equips Stingray With VMSC | Israel Started Series Of Airstrikes On Lebanon | Sweden Seeks Arthur Replacement

Defense Industry Daily - Thu, 02/15/2024 - 05:00
Americas A Utah National Guard AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter involved in a landing exercise crashed at the South Valley Regional Airport on Monday, February 12, at approximately 1:20 PM. While both pilots (one is from the 419th Fighter Wing) onboard sustained injuries, they are reported to be in stable condition. No other casualties were reported. […]
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US Senate Approves Military Aid Package | USS Kingsville Acceptance Trials Completed | Israel Deployed AI In Gaza

Defense Industry Daily - Wed, 02/14/2024 - 05:00
Americas The US Senate approved $60 billion in funding for Ukraine on Tuesday, but the Republican-led House Speaker indicated his chamber will reject the bill. The $95 billion package includes funding for Israel’s military and key strategic ally Taiwan, but the lion’s share would help Ukraine restock depleted ammunition supplies, weapons and other crucial needs […]
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