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A400M : cap sur le premier vol

Après 2 ans de retard (autour d'été 2007) , le moteur TP400 de l’A400M a achevé sa campagne d’essais en vol à bord du C-130 de Lockheed Martin.


Char Leclerc, Leopard II et Challenger 2



Zoltan Dani : the man who killed the stealth F-117

A very interesting episode of the bombing deserves to be mentioned in detail. On March 27, 1999, Serbian Colonel László Dani, a member of the Hungarian minority, leader of the 3rd Division of the 250th Anti-Aircraft Brigade, succeeded in destroying an F-117A Nighthawk Nr. 82-0806 (stealthy American aircraft) detectable by radar or rather only detectable from a very short distance.)

How did he achieve this goal?


Le retour français à l'OTAN – un vrai retour ou un trompe d’oeil

Dans le 21ème siècle le processus de réintégration de la France à la structure militaire de l’OTAN (quittée en 1966 après la décision du président Charles de Gaulle) a été relancé en 2004, mais c’est le président Sarkozy qui a profité de la médiatisation de cette acte ambiguë.


Achievements of the EU French Presidency in relation to ESDP


"New impetus given to European Security and Defence


Executive Outcomes : world`s first private military company

Executive Outcomes (1989-1998) was one of the first a private military company (PMC) founded by former Lieutenant-Colonel of the South African Defence Force Eeben Barlow in 1989. It later became part of the South African-based holding company Strategic Resource Corporation. EO was dissolved on 31 December 1998. It provided military personnel, training and logistical support to officially recognised governments only. Where assistance was given to corporations in conflict areas, EO had the host government’s approval to provide such assistance.



China sent first time its fleet for an "out of area" mission, at Somalian coast, a mission that could involve fighting beyond its territorial waters. This was China's first overseas naval deployment in 600 years. The Chinese naval fleet - armed with special forces, guided missiles and helicopters - set sail on Friday for anti-piracy duty off Somalia.


Auslieferung des A400M bleibt unklar

Airbus nennt weiter keinen Termin für A400M-Auslieferung