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Inside Gaddafi's bunker


UE RSS/EUSSR Guinée-Bissau : Réussite relative ou échec prédestiné?

UE RSS/EUSSR Guinée-Bissau : Réussite relative ou échec prédestiné?
par András István Türke
Revue du CERPESC, 10 janvier 2011


Le processus de génération des forces


La génération des forces dans le processus de la gestion de crise de l'UE


The Arctic would become Russia's main strategic resource base

"(...) A strategy paper Mr. Medvedev signed in 2008 said the polar region would become Russia's “main strategic resource base” by 2020. Russia has devised a multivector strategy to achieve this goal. First, it works to restore its military capability in the region to ward off potential threats. Russia is building a new class of nuclear submarines, Borei (Northern Wind) that will be armed with a new long-range missile, Bulava. Navy Chief Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said recently he had also drawn up a plan to deploy warships in Russia's Arctic ports to protect polar sea routes.


Financing ESDP operations

(Last update : 2015.06.20)

ESDP operations have been financed differently from the beginning.
- Civilian missions have been financed directly under the CFSP budget
(commitment appropriations)
> 62,6 million EUR in 2005 (0,05% of EU spending)
> 102,6 million EUR in 2006
> 159,2 million EUR in 2007
> 285,25 million EUR in 2008
> 242,9 million EUR in 2009
> 281,541 million EUR in 2010
> 327,347 million EUR in 2011 (?)


La structure de commandement des missions et des opérations de la PSDC - Vers un Quartier Général Européen?

par András István Türke
CERPESC 12/E/02/2010 - 10 septembre 2010
Version complétée par le Processus de génération des forces


European Defense Agency - EDA Bulletin


It's not easy to find EDA Bulletin on the site of the European Defense Agency. Here you are :


IMPETUS - Bulletin of the EU Military Staff

It's not easy to find IMPETUS on the site of the European Council. Here you are :


40th anniversary of the Cuba crisis "nr. 2."

The Cuban Missile Crisis had come about because the USSR (Russian: СССР) had wanted to assert its parity with the U.S. by deploying missiles to Cuba, just as the U.S. had missiles deployed close to Soviet territory (in Turkey and in Italy) all over Europe. The U.S. didn't see things the same way, and asserted that the Monroe doctrine and general U.S. superiority in nuclear weapons meant that the Soviet Union had no right to put missiles on Cuba. Eventually, the U.S.


UE RSS/EUSSR Guinée-Bissau

UE RSS/EUSSR Guinée Bissau - Une "mission intellectuelle" et ses circonstances

par András István Türke

CERPESC 10/AF/04/2009 - 20 novembre 2009