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Vostok 2018 - Russia`s Largest Army Drill In History

The Vostok 2018 (or Orient-2018) military exercise, between 11-17 September, will mobilize for four days no less than 300 000 soldiers (virtually all forces of Central and Western Russian military districts of Russia), 36 000 armored vehicles and more than a thousand aircraft (planes, helicopters and drones).


Scallops War skirmish at Normandy Coast


Iron Cat 2018 : Hungarian-Serbian Common Military Exercice

Iron cat 15-19 July 2018 on the Danube


Russian Volga-Dnepr leaves SALIS

From January 1, 2019, the Russian Volga will cease providing AN-124 capacity for EU and NATO states under NATO's heavy military air transport program SALIS (Strategic Airlift Interim Solution), which includes 17 European member states and Canada. The loss is sensitive: Under Salis, Antonov and Volga have each had an AN-124 permanently stationed at Leipzig-Halle Airport since March 2006, with additional uplift available at short notice.


Maintien de paix / C`est pas sorcier


Coopération "Lancester House II"?

(French version below)

France and the United Kingdom strengthen military cooperation : A new phase of the Lancaster House Agreement in 2010


[Compte rendu] L’Union européenne et la paix, L’invention d’un modèle européen de gestion des conflits

L’Union européenne et la paix, L’invention d’un modèle européen de gestion des conflits sous la direction de Anne Bazin, Charles Tenenbaum, Coll. Relations Internationales, SciencePo, Les Presses, 2017


Airbus bought 50% of Bombardier aircraft section

The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus takes control of the CSeries medium-haul aircraft program of Canadian Bombardier. By this operation Airbus puts 50.01% of the flagship program of the family business in Quebec. A "win-win" operation Airbus shares took 4% on the Paris Stock Exchange.


Benvinguts a la República Independent de Catalunya ?

Freedom of expression is the right of every person to think as he wishes and to be able to express his opinions by any means he deems appropriate in the fields of politics, philosophy, religion, morals. Freedom of expression in a democratic country of the European Union is considered illegal. In a EU that never hesitates to give lessons in human rights and democracy, for example to African or Balkans countries.