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Norway orders more K9 SPHs and K10 ammunition resupply vehicles

Wed, 09/11/2022 - 06:05
Norway ordered four more K9 self-propelled howitzers (SPHs) and eight more K10 ammunition resupply vehicles from Hanwha Aerospace on 7 November, the company announced in...
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Naval Group launches first French FDI frigate

Tue, 08/11/2022 - 14:50
Naval Group launched the French Navy's first new defence and intervention frigate (Frégate de défense et d'intervention: FDI) , Amiral Ronarc'h, at its yard in Lorient...
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Iran unveils longer-range SAM

Tue, 08/11/2022 - 12:05
The Iranian military unveiled the longer-range Sayyad 4B surface-to-air missile (SAM) for its Bavar-373 air-defence system on 6 November.
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Packing a heavy punch: Trends in light utility/light attack helicopter markets

Fri, 28/10/2022 - 06:58
Since the Vietnam War, when the ubiquitous Bell UH-1 ‘Huey' was equipped with forward-firing rockets and guns, helicopters used for engaging ground targets have evolved...
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DIA's Torch programme accelerates intel sharing with allies

Tue, 06/09/2022 - 14:50
The Pentagon's intelligence directorate is investing heavily in systems and programmes specifically designed to knock down barriers to collaboration between US armed...
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Sean Alger graduates from the MissionLink program

Tue, 06/09/2022 - 10:55
Janes is proud to announce that Sean Alger, Vice President, US Sales, has graduated from MissionLink. MissionLink is an exclusive nationwide network that serves as a force-multiplier and gateway to accelerating innovation and advancing solutions to National Security threats.
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Changing tack: Pakistan Navy transforms amid increasing Indian Ocean rivalries

Tue, 06/09/2022 - 10:52
On the night of 4 December 1971, an Indian Navy strike force consisting of three Vidyut-class missile boats, two Arnala-class corvettes, and a fleet tanker approached...
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Update: South Korea approves funding for third batch of K2 MBTs

Tue, 06/09/2022 - 08:50
South Korea's Ministry of National Defense (MND) has allocated funding for a third batch of Hyundai Rotem K2 main battle tanks (MBTs).
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Update: India sanctions Tejas Mk 2 fighter project

Tue, 06/09/2022 - 02:05
The Indian government has officially approved the Tejas Mk 2 fighter aircraft. The project has been sanctioned with INR66.17 billion (USD827 million) in funding.
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Ukraine conflict: THeMIS robot delivered to Kyiv as Russia announces bounty for system's capture

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 18:50
Janes has received confirmation of the delivery of a THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) to Ukraine after images of the system being delivered emerged on a number of...
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Saab demonstrates mobile SHORAD system in live firing

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 17:05
Saab demonstrated a mobile short-range air defence (MSHORAD) system in live firings in Karlskoga, Sweden, on 30 August. It was the first time the system was presented to...
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German Navy commences Poseidon training

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 16:35
The German Navy has commenced training on the Boeing P-8A Poseidon, ahead of deliveries of five interim maritime multimission aircraft in 2024.
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US approves USD1.1 billion deal for Taiwan

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 15:50
The US State Department has approved the USD1.1 billion sale of missiles and radar-support services to Taiwan. The Foreign Military Sale (FMS), if approved by Congress,...
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South Korea approves funding for third batch of K2 MBTs

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 13:35
South Korea's Ministry of National Defense (MND) has allocated funding for a third batch of Hyundai Rotem K2 main battle tanks (MBTs).
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Damen discloses further details of Pakistan's OPV 2600 vessels

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 09:35
Netherlands-based shipbuilder Damen has disclosed further details of the vessels it is building for the Pakistan Navy, which are derived from the company's OPV 2600...
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Update: US State Department approves sale of UH-60Ms to Australia

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 08:50
The US State Department has approved the possible sale of Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk Helicopters and related equipment to Australia under Foreign Military Sales (FMS).
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South Korea approves funding for K9A2 SPH

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 08:50
South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) has given formal approval for the project to upgrade Hanwha Defense's K9 155 mm/52 calibre self-propelled...
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Defense & Security 2022: DCM Shriram showcases quadcopter UAVs

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 08:05
Indian firm DCM Shriram Industries Limited showcased its quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), DCM Trishul and DCM Kailash, at the Defense & Security 2022 show in...
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Ukraine conflict: Biden seeks more Ukraine aid

Mon, 05/09/2022 - 07:20
The Biden administration asked Congress on 2 September to approve USD11.7 billion in additional Ukraine-related security and economic assistance, including USD4.5...
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Brazil commissions first Riachuelo-class S-BR submarine

Fri, 02/09/2022 - 15:20
The Brazilian Navy commissioned its first-of-class Riachuelo-class diesel-electric attack submarine, S Riachuelo (S-40), on 1 September.
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