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NATO response to Vostok 2018 : Trident Juncture 2018

NATO response to Vostok 2018 : Trident Juncture 18, abbreviated TRJE18, is a NATO-led military exercise to be held in Norway in October and November 2018 with an Article 5 collective defence scenario.

Trident Juncture 2018 will consist of three main parts:
- A phase of deployment lasting from August to October,
- LIVEX (live field exercise) from 25 October to 7 November. The land battle will take place in the area south of Trondheim and north of Rena Camp in Hedmark County. There will also be sea activity along the Norwegian Coast, the North Sea and limited areas in The Baltic Sea and Skagerrak. There will be air activity in the airspace over Norway, Sweden and Finland.
- CPX ( command post exercise) from 13 to 24 November 2018 at NATO's Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway. This is a data simulated desk exercise to train the headquarters. This exercise is also a certification test for Allied Joint Force Command Naples.

The Norwegian Armed Forces have called the exercise the largest to be held in Norway since the 1980s, it will be NATO's largest exercise since 2002. An expected 50,000 participants from 31 nations will take part, including 10,000 vehicles, 250 aircraft and 65 vessels.

The exercise will mainly take place in central and eastern parts of Norway, and air and sea areas in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The main goals of Trident Juncture is to train the NATO Response Force and to test the alliance's defence capability. For Norway, the exercise will test the country's ability to receive and handle allied support.