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András István Türke Ph.D - Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III; Institut Europa Varietas
chef du projet "CERPESC"

András István Türke, Ph.D of the Sorbonne, is a diplomacy & security policy expert from Hungary based in Paris & Geneva. He specializes in European Foreign, Security & Defence Policy and industrial base issues. He is an expert in geopolitics of Africa and Western Balkans on strategic and economic issues.
He is an independent researcher in collaboration with several think-tanks, and head of the Europa Varietas Institute and CERPESC. He was also former visiting fellow at European Union Institute for Security Studies and at Defence Commission at the Assembly of the Western European Union.

His research focuses on the peacekeeping and regional stability with emphasis on european solutions for defence & crisis management. So far, his work has mostly drawn on EU, UN, AU and NATO activities but he has started to engage with other global and regional crisis management institutions.
His research has been published with L'Harmattan - Paris, ED-385 Sorbonne, Centre d'Histoire - Science Po Paris, CERPESC - Europa Varietas Institute, Hungarian Institute for International Studies, and Hungarian Center for Strategic Studies (etc.).

Benoit Duffort Ph.D - Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III

Guillaume de Rougé Ph.D - Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III

Gergely Varga - SVKI, Budapest ; Institut Europa Varietas