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France-Croatia: Enhanced Cooperation

Croatia's purchase of Rafales aircraft appears to be a hallmark of an important new geopolitical alliance. The strengthened Franco-Croatian cooperation has 6 pillars and is organized by three-year projects


SNA Suffren's first trip to the sea

The French Navy’s new nuclear attack submarine made its first sea trip on April 28


Opération Résilience

BPC Mistral (Antilles et Guyane), BPC Dixmude (Réunion) et BPC Tonnerre (Corse) sont mobilisés.


Operation Irini


North Macedonia becomes NATO’s 30th member

“North Macedonia is now part of the NATO family, a family of 30 nations and almost 1 billion people. A family based on the certainty that, no matter what challenges we face, we are all stronger and safer together," NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in a statement. Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski said: "We cannot rejoice and mark the event as it should [be marked] … But, this is a historic success that after three decades of independence, finally confirms Macedonian security and guarantees our future. Congratulations to all of you! We deserve it!”


Accident au Mali

13 morts. Il s'agit du bilan humain le plus lourd pour les opérations extérieures de l'Armée française depuis 36 ans. Le 23 octobre 1983, 58 soldats français avaient été tués lors de l'attentat du Drakkar à Beyrouth (Liban). L'accident de lundi dépasse le bilan de l'embuscade d'Uzbin en Afghanistan, le 18 août 2008, où dix Français avaient perdu la vie.


HMS Prince of Wales will be commissioned soon

HMS Prince of Wales, second Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy will be formally commissioned on December, 10 2019.


SCAF : The New Franco-German Aircraft

SCAF : Future Combat Air System


Conférence et Table-Ronde "Renforcer l'économie de l'UE: la perspective du V4-France"

18-19 février 2019 Institut polonais des affaires internationales
compte rendu rédigé par Kinga Torbicka