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How Mossad kills his enemies

The assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh : Video record how Mossad kills his enemies using fraudulently obtained French, English, Irish, German (etc.) passeports in the territory of the sovereign state Dubai (United Arabe Emirate). The murders used forged passports of existing european citizens, which has caused controversy in the European Union. A prove why citizens with dual citizenship (Israeli + EU member state) are national security risk in the EU area.

The assassination took place on 19 January 2010, in a Dubai hotel room. Al-Mabhouh - a co-founder of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamist Palestinian Hamas - was wanted by the Israeli government for the kidnapping and murder of two Israeli soldiers in 1989 as well as purchasing arms from Iran for use in Gaza; these have been cited as a possible motive for the assassination. He also had other enemies, including Fatah. He had spent 2003 in prison in Egypt and was being sought by Jordanian intelligence.

Thuesday, January 19, 2010.

12:09 A.M. — two Mossad agents, balding, forty-three-year-old Michael Bodenheimer, carrying a German passport, and his friend James Leonard, carrying a British passport, land in Dubai. The two of them, according to the local police, are the advance teamof the group charged with killing Al- Mabhouh.
12:30 A.M. — the operation commander, Kevin Daveron, sporting a goatee and spectacles, arrives in Dubai aboard a direct flight fromParis. He is
accompanied by his deputy, GailFoUiard, a vivacious redhead. Both are carrying Irish passports.

01:21 A.M. — GailFoUiard checks into the exclusive hotel Jumeriah and gets a room on the eleventh floor. When asked by the reception clerk for her home address, she answers without batting an eye: 78 Memmier Road, Dublin, Ireland. It would later be established that this address was nonexistent.
01:31 A.M. — Kevin Daveron, the commander, joins his deputy and checks into the Jumeriah. He gets room 3308.

02:29 A.M. — Peter Elvinger, the operation logistics coordinator, arrives in Dubai with a French passport. He is slim, bearded, wearing stylish glasses. According to the police, he carries a "suspicious" case.
02:36 A.M, — at the airport, Peter meets another meniier of the team and they leave together for a hotel in the city.

10:15 A.M. — Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh departs fromDamascus to Dubai, on a direct Emirates airline flight. In Dubai, he is supposed to coordinate with an Iranian envoy the smuggling of another weapons shipment to Gaza.
10:30 A.M. — Peter, the operation coordinator, leaves the hotel and meets the hit team at a big shopping center.
10:50 A.M. — Kevin and Gail, the commander and his deputy, join the meeting at the shopping center. Kevin is not wearing his glasses, and his small mustache has vanished.

12:18 P.M. — the meeting is over, and the team disperses. Kevin retums to the Jumeriah Hotel and checks out. The security cameras show him entering another hotel, where he puts on a wig, eyeglasses, and a false mustache.

02:12 P.M. — two agents dressed in tennis outfits enter the luxurious Al-Bustan Rotana Hotel. They are watchers, waiting for Al-Mabhouh, who is supposed to arrive in the next hour.
03:12 P.M. — Gail also leaves the Jumeriah Hotel. For the night spent in the hotel, she pays the sumof $400.
03:15 P.M. — Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh lands in Dubai. At the immigration booth, he shows a false Iraqi passport and declares he is in the textile inport business.
03:25 P.M. — GaU moves to another hotel, where she changes clothes, makes up her face, and puts on a wig.

03:28 P.M. — Al-Mabhouh arrives at the Al-Bustan Rotana Hotel. At check-in, he asks for a room with sealed windows and no terrace. He is given room 230 on the second floor. He takes the elevator to the second floor, unaware of the two Mossad watchers dressed as tennis players, who ride the elevator with him
03:30p.m. — the watchers report, by a special transmission device, that Al-Mabhouh has entered his roomand the room facing his has the number 237.
03:53 P.M. — Peter, the coordinator, arrives in Al-Mabhouh 's hotel and walks into the business center. He calls reception and reserves room237.
04:03 P.M. — a new watchers teamrelieves the first and waits for Al-Mabhouh to leave his room.
04:14 P.M. — all the members of the hit team are now in the Al-Bustan Rotana Hotel.

04:23 P.M. — Al-Mabhouh leaves his room, surveys the lobby to make sure that the place is "clean," and leaves the hotel. The watchers follow him.
04:24 P.M. — the watchers transmit to the team commander details about the car that has taken Al-Mabhouh downtown.
04:27 P.M. — Peter, the coordinator, enters the lobby and gives Kevin Daveron his case, which probably contains the objects needed for Al-Mabhouh 's assassination.

04:33 P.M. — Peter goes to the reception desk, checks in, and receives the key for room 237, facing Al-Mabhouh 's room.
04:40 P.M. — Peter gives the room key to Kevin, and leaves the hotel for an unknown destination.

04:44 P.M. — Kevin enters room237. He checks the window and the doorpeephole, by which he would be able to watch Al-Mabhouh enter his room.
05:06 P.M. — GaUgoes into room 237. She and Kevin go over the timetables and keep receiving reports about Al-Mabhouh 's moves in the city.

05:36 P.M. — one of the watchers enters the hotel wearing a visor cap. At a comer of an empty hallway, he replaces the cap with a wig.
06:21 P.M. — Gail leaves room237, carrying the case previously delivered to Kevin by Peter She goes to the hotelparking lot and gives the case to one of the hit team members .
06:32 P.M. — the first detail of the hit team leaves the parking lot and enters the hotel lobby.
06:34 P.M. — the second detail of the hit team enters the hotel and settles on the armchairs and sofas in the far comer of the luxurious lobby, as far as
possible fi-omthe first detail.
06:43 P.M. — the first watchers detail, the agents wearing tennis clothes, leaves the hotel.
07:30 P.M. — Peter, the logistics coordinator, leaves Dubai on a flight to Munich, Germany.

08:00 P.M. — a hotel employee who cleaned the second floor leaves the place. The hit team detail tries to enter Al-Mabhouh 's room.
08:04 P.M. — Kevin, who is posted by the elevators, signals to the members of the hit team to get into the room, because an elevator stops at the second floor and a hotel guest gets out of it. The electronic control systemregisters an attempt to break into room 230, the room of Al-Mabhouh.
08:20 P.M. — Al-Mabhouh retums to the hotel. The watchers informKevin that he is walkmg toward the elevator.
08:27 P.M. — Al-Mabhouh enters his room. Kevin and Gail are on guard at the second-floor corridor, by the elevators. In room230, the assassination
takes place.
08:46 P.M. — four members of the hit team leave the hotel.
08:47 P.M. — Gail and another member of the hit team leave the hotel
08:51 P.M. — Kevin enters Al-Mabhouh 's room after the killing and places the do not disturb sign on the doorhandle.
08:52 P.M. — the watchers detail leaves the hotel.
10:30 P.M. — Kevin and Gail leave Dubai on a direct flight to Paris. Approximately at the same time, all the teammembers depart to different destinations.

At 10:00 P.M., Al-Mabhouh's wife called his cellphone. The phone rang and went to voice mail. She called over and over again but with no results. A close fiiend also tried to reach Al-Mabhouh, but failed. Text messages sent to Al-Mabhouh remained unanswered. Time passed by and there was no sign of life fromAl-Mabhouh. The distraught wife called several Hamas senior officials, who decided to send the Hamas resident in Dubai to the Al-Bustan Rotana Hotel. The man went to the reception desk and called room 230; there was no answer. After midnight, the hotel employees finally went up to Al-Mabhouh's room, unlocked the door, and found his body. A doctor rushed to the room examined the corpse and concluded that the cause of death was cardiac arrest.

The Hamas published an official statement attributing Al-Mabhouh's death to "medical reasons." But Al-Mabhouh's family rejected the medical diagnosis and insisted that Al Mabhouh had been murdered by the Mossad. His body was sent to the Dubai medical examiner, while a sample of his blood was flown to a laboratory in France. The lab report came backnine days later. The Hamas now announced that Mossad agents had assassinated Al-Mabhouh, first stunning him with an electronic shocker and then suffocating him with a pillow. Simultaneously, the Dubai poUce announced that no traces of poison were found in Al-Mabhouh's blood. Nevertheless, they quickly reached the conclusion that the Mossad had killed Al-Mabhouh on their territory. On January 31, twelve days after Al-Mabhouh's death, the London Sunday Times published a piece about his poisoning by the Mossad. Its
reporters claim that Israehhit men had entered Al-Mabhouh's roomand injected him with a poison that simulated a heart attack; the agents then photographed all the documents he carried and exited the room, leaving behind the do not disturb sign.

On February 28, the deputy chief of the Dubai poUce informed the press that the French lab had found in Al-Mabhouh's blood traces of a strong
hydrochloride painkiller, used for anesthesia before surgery. This substance, he said, causes a muscular relaxation followed by a loss of consciousness.
He assumed that the killers injected their victim with the anesthetic and then suffocated him so that his death would look natural.

(Michael Bar-Zohar - Nissim Mishal: Mossad: The Great Operations of Israel's Secret Service, 2015)


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