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Society & Politics 1-2/2005

(Társadalom & Politika 2005/1-2)

Foreword of the Editors

Security Policy
András Rácz: Possibilities of Cooperation in Crisis Management Operations in the Framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy – the Capabilities.

Political History
István Gyene: Governing Party (Parties) in the Horthy-Era

Zoltán Eperjesi: Hungary and the EU-Accession
Political Theory
Tamás Marton: Christian Public Decision-Making
Balázs Böcskei: On This Side of Social Democracy and Beyond

Public Policy
Veronika Tamás: The Role of Entrepreneurs’ Interest Groups in Municipal Governments and the Elections

Dávid Pusztai: The Intervention in Iraq – Or Else: The United States Contra International Law.

Pros & Cons
Nikoletta Incze – András István Türke: The Pros and Cons of Turkey’s EU-Membership – „The Trojan Horse with Self-Identification Troubles”

Dr. András Balogh -- professor of history; university lecturer and chairman of department; the chief advisor of the former Prime Minister, Péter Medgyessy on international strategic matters; a member of the Board of Consultants of the T&P

Zoltán Gábor Szűcs: Ian Kershaw: The Hitler Myth – Image and Reality in the Third Reich
Régiók Szövetsége – a Fiatal Értelmiség Szervezete (RÉSZ) [Association of Regions – the Organization of Young Intellectuals]
Sic Itur ad Astra, Periodical of Young Historians

Middle East Conference at the ELTE University of Budapest