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Associate Analysts

János BESENYŐ Dr.habil. (Hungary)

Colonel (retired). Between 1987 and 2018 he served as a professional soldier. He has been involved in several peace operations in Africa (Western-Sahara and Darfur) and Afghanistan. During his service, he received 27 different Hungarian and foreign medals. He received his PhD in Military Science from Miklós Zrínyi National Defense University in 2011, and in 2017, he received a habilitated doctorate at Eötvös Lórant University. In 2014, he established the Scientific Research Center of the Hungarian Defence Forces General Staff, and was the first leader of it from 2014-2018.
From 2018 he is a habilitated associate professor at the Óbuda University, Doctoral School for Safety and Security Sciences and head of the Africa Research Center. His research interests include contemporary and recent history of Africa, migration and the Middle East, and peacekeeping, military logistics, Hungarian peacekeeping operations in Africa, with particular reference to Western Sahara, and in addition, comparing political cultures, political communication and intercultural communication, DDR programs in Africa, terrorism, and Christian-Muslim relationship on the continent. He is not teaching only at Óbuda University, Doctoral School for Safety and Security Sciences but ELTE Doctoral School of History, EKE Doctoral School of History, and National Public Service University, Doctoral School of Military Sciences. He wrote several books and articles. His most recent publication is „Hungary and the crisis in Western Sahara” (Monarchia Ltd, 2020).


Kinga TORBICKA Ph.D. (Poland)

A graduate of the European Center of the University of Warsaw and Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3. Doctor of Humanities at Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3. She devoted her doctoral thesis to security systems in Central Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. A member of the research group of the Center of French Civilization, University of Warsaw. Associate researcher at the Europa Varietas Institute. Research interests concern: security of the CEE region in the Euro-Atlantic zone, with particular emphasis on the Visegrad Group, the Weimar Triangle, Ukraine and Russia and the migration crisis in Europe as well as the role of France in this context (Polish-French political relations since 1989).


Marcell NAGY (Hungary)

András HETTYEY Ph.D (Hungary)
Dr. Hettyey András is a senior lecturer at the University for Public Service in Budapest. Previously, he worked as a researcher at the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT), covering Germany. He earned his PhD in Political Science from the Andrássy Gyula German Speaking University in Budapest in 2012. His main fields of research are GermanHungarian relations and German and Hungarian foreign policy since 1990. He is author of the book "Hegemónia helyett: magyar-német kapcsolatok 1990-2002" (Instead of hegemony: Hungarian-German relations 1990-2002, L’Harmattan 2019).