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Massive leak of French Scorpene Submarine`s secret documents

The French shipbuilder was the victim of a massive leak of confidential technical information about the Scorpene submarines. Countries customers affected by this scandal, are Malaysia and Chile, each with two submarines, India and Brazil who chose technology transfer for six and four submarines.

Newspaper The Australian has published on its website excerpts of 22400 pages of various documents collected. The three documents would be sensitive but unclassified and would cover the period 2010-2011. The texts include strategic information such as technical manuals and models of underwater antennae. They describe the probes of the vessels, communication systems, navigation. In addition, 500 pages are devoted exclusively to torpedo system.
Informations were revealed about :
- data on sonar capabilities
- noise generated by submarines
- magnetic, electromagnetic and infra-red datas
- details of the combat system

The data seen by The Australian includes 4457 pages on the submarine’s underwater sensors, 4209 pages on its above-water sensors, 4301 pages on its combat management system, 493 pages on its torpedo launch system and specifications, 6841 pages on the sub’s communications system and 2138 on its navigation systems.

The data could have been blown away outside France in 2011 by a former French naval officer who at the time was a DCNS subcontractor. The documents could have been sold to Southeast Asian companies before being sent to Australia. The fact that leaks occur in Australia is not a coincidence. In fact it can affect the contract 34.3 billion awarded in April by Canberra to the French manufacturer, for the next generation of submarines, while negotiations are underway to distribute manufacturing sites between the two countries. Australia has chosen another model derived from the French oceanic submarine Barracuda, two times bigger than the Scorpene.

The competition was fierce to win the largest defense program in the history opposing the French DCNS to German TKMS and the consortium formed by Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation. The French therefore provide twelve Shortfin Barracuda buildings conventionally powered and non-nuclear. Sign of the strategic importance of this program, the procedure was punctuated by multiple cyberattacks. According to Australian media, Russians and Chinese would have tried to get hold of the plans of the future submarine.

However you must know that the submarine that Australians are building with the French is called Barracuda, and it is totally different from the Scorpene designed for the Indian navy. The submarine is French, but the combat system is provided by the Americans. Recently, in the Indian Ocean, French Navy became the most important naval ally of Washington, before the British Navy.

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(Source : Le Monde, 25/08/2016)