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US and South Korea conduct three-day anti-submarine drill

Wed, 03/06/2015 - 01:00
The US and South Korea have commenced a major anti-submarine drill, to tackle provocations by North Korean submarines.

Babcock begins maintenance work on UK Royal Navy’s HMS Albion

Wed, 03/06/2015 - 01:00
Babcock has started maintenance work on the UK Royal Navy's Albion-class amphibious transport dock, HMS Albion, at its Devonport Royal Dockyard

UK invests £80m to train navy pilots and rear crews

Wed, 03/06/2015 - 01:00
The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has invested £80m for new equipment to support future training of the Royal Navy and Air Force helicopter pilots and rear crews.

Royal Navy’s HMS Portland visits Faroe Islands

Wed, 03/06/2015 - 01:00
The UK Royal Navy's Type 23 Duke-class frigate, HMS Portland, has become the first Royal Navy warship to visit the Faroe Islands in 25 years.

BlueLine Cables for Shipbuilding

Tue, 02/06/2015 - 15:40
More than 60 years of experience in temperature measurement and control technique as well as in cable production have made a one man business a company with nearly 500 staff members.

DSIT Solutions to Attend UDT 2015

Tue, 02/06/2015 - 15:38
DSIT Solutions has announced it will be attending the Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) 2015 conference.

Northrop completes design and development of CANES solution for US Navy

Tue, 02/06/2015 - 01:00
Northrop Grumman has concluded the design, development, and limited deployment phase of the consolidated afloat networks and enterprise services (CANES) programme for the US Navy.

Russia dispatches aircraft to monitor US warship in Black Sea

Tue, 02/06/2015 - 01:00
Russia dispatched its military aircraft to head off the US Navy's guided-missile destroyer USS Ross, which was reportedly moving along the edge of Russia's territorial waters.

GD Electric Boat to support modernisation of USS Montpelier

Tue, 02/06/2015 - 01:00
General Dynamics's (GD) wholly owned subsidiary Electric Boat has received a $46.4m contract from the US Navy for planning efforts in support of maintenance and modernisation work on the USS Montpelier.

HMS Bulwark rescues 370 more migrants

Tue, 02/06/2015 - 01:00
The UK Royal Navy flagship Albion-class assault ship HMS Bulwark has rescued around 370 more migrants from the Mediterranean Sea.

Littoral Combat Ship - Still relevant

Mon, 01/06/2015 - 15:17
As one of the largest ship building programmes undertaken by the US Navy, the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) has a lot to live up to. There is no doubt that LCS represents a revolutionary approach to flexible concepts of operation; however, with the US N…

iOra Wins MOD Contract Worth More Than £1.5m

Mon, 01/06/2015 - 12:09
The MOD has awarded a contract worth more than £1.5m to iOra for the supply licences for fixed and deployed nodes of the iOra Geo-replicator replication and compression solution.

Iver 3 Affordable Work Class Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

Mon, 01/06/2015 - 11:29
The Iver 3 Affordable Work Class Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) has an extended oepration time.

OceanServer Awarded AUV Contractto Monitor Munitions in the Baltic Sea

Mon, 01/06/2015 - 10:47
OceanServer Technology Inc has recently delivered an Iver autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for the MODUM project supported under the Nato Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme.

ONR studying wave pressure on high-speed planing hull to reduce structural weight

Mon, 01/06/2015 - 01:00
US Office of Naval Research (ONR) scientists have conducted experiments, using boats with high-speed planing hulls, to understand the motions, forces, and pressures generated by waves on boats.

US Navy’s PCU Gerald R.Ford sailors ready to operate EMALS

Mon, 01/06/2015 - 01:00
Sailors from the pre-commissioning unit (PCU) of the US Navy aircraft carrier Gerald R Ford (CVN 78) have completed specialised training and are now ready to operate and maintain the navy's newest aircraft launch system.

UK Navy’s HMS Ocean to assume duties of fleet flagship

Mon, 01/06/2015 - 01:00
The UK Royal Navy's commando carrier HMS Ocean is set to assume the duties of fleet flagship from today, following the recent achievement of operational capability.

India conducts first live firing of its anti-ship Harpoon missile

Mon, 01/06/2015 - 01:00
India has successfully conducted the first live firing of a Boeing-built anti-ship Harpoon missile from a fighter plane.

Consilium-Fire-Detection and Safety Systems for Marine Vessels

Fri, 29/05/2015 - 16:01
Consilium is a well-known name and a trustworthy supplier of solutions for fire protection equipment in naval applications world-wide. Having its business started with the development and supply of equipment for the marine industry, Consilium consoli…

Gresham Power Electronics-Power Conversion and Distribution Equipment for Naval and Military Applications

Fri, 29/05/2015 - 15:52
Gresham Power Electronics is the trading name of Digital Power Limited - we are a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Power Corporation of Fremont, California, US. Here in the UK, our primary product lines are power conversion and distribution equipme…