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Patnership with CSDS ( SVKK )

Center for Strategic and Defense Studies (Stratégiai Védelmi Kutatóközpont, Hungary)

The Center for Strategic and Defense Studiesis the successor of the Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies, established in 1992. As a consequence of continued reform of the wider institutional framework, the former Institute has been functioning in various arrangements under the Hungarian Ministry of Defense, then from 2007 under the National Defense University, and finally from January 01, 2012 changing its name to the Center for Strategic and Defense Studies (CSDS).

The Center’s mission is to provide decision-makers appropriate and up-to-date background analysis in the field of security and defense policy, strategic planning and military operations, as well as observing and analyzing the relation of the Hungarian Armed Forces and Hungarian society. Besides, CSDS is actively involved in the social dialogue and discourse about 'security' through media and education.

Regarding its consultative status, the Center enjoys the benefits of both state-funding and project-funding, while being situated in an academic environment. This provides a status of a semi-independent research institute, able to articulate independent opinion as an NGO, while maintaining the necessary consultative link towards governmental spheres. CSDS maintains primary relations with the Ministry of Defense, the Hungarian Defense Forces (General Staff and military organizations as well), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Relations with nongovernmental institutions are ad hoc, or project based. CSDS remains open to cooperation.

The Center’s primary activityis conducting research and analysis of security and defense related issues. However, important fields of CSDS activities are public outreach and media activities, 'security marketing' in other words. CSDS staff is involved in education as well, giving lectures and delivering courses in their respective fields of research in various universities at all levels of higher education, BA – MA – PhD.

Regular publications include:
'CSDS Analyses' (Occasional papers on current strategic and security policy issues in Hungarian)
'Nation and Security - Security Policy Review' (Monthly peer-review journal in Hungarian)
Previously: 'Defense Studies' (1994-2005)

Structure and members

The Center for Strategic and Defense Studies has been the sole state-funded research institute in Hungary dealing with issues of national and international security. Being a small institute the staff of the Center in general terms focus on two main fields (not separated institutionally): international relations and strategic and defense issues under the director.

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