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András István Türke (HDR / Privatdozent / Dr. habil.)
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Understanding and explaining opportunities and obstacles for creating peace and stability in the world are the primary motivation of my research.

1. European Crisis Management in the Western-Balkans (2014-)

BALKINT Program at the IEE - Paris III Sorbonne University

2. European Crisis Management in Africa (2013-)

This book length project and associated articles at the Graduate Institute of Geneva (postdoctoral researches) look at the reasons for why European Union`s security consulting missions are being created in some "Failed States" in Africa.

3. European Security & Defence Policy (2003-2008)

at the IEHEI Nice and the Paris III Sorbonne University (Ph.D thesis), AWEU Defence Commettee and EUISS

4. French Foreign, Security & European Policy (2003-) 

at the Hungarian Institute of Foreign Affairs

5. Foreign & Security Policy in East-Europe (2008-2011)

at the Europa Varietas Institute
(especially Hungary & Poland)

6. European Integration's Theories (2003-2005)